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This application was developed some time ago for academic purpose.

What does this program? To put it simply it hides one image into another.

Steganography, because that's the name of that technology, was subject of my interest some time ago. That's the reason that this application was created.

Some features:

  • Steganography (for color and grayscale images)
  • Resize image (atm. linear)


  • edge detection
  • sharpen
  • custom filters (up to 9x9 matrix with custom filter order)
  • gaussian's blur
  • linear horizontal and vertical blur
  • RGB to grayscale converter
  • color balance


  • Color image RGB analyzer
  • Grayscale image analyzer

Here is a example of Steganography

SteganographySteganographySteganography final result

Final image is composition of four bit data from first and second image. Second image four bits are placed in four least significant bit of first image. That way first image itself is seen.

Application supports also predefined filters and custom (matrix up to 9x9 with redefined filter order).

Custom filter matrix

Custom filterFilter edge detection

Some options are not implemented.

There are also spectral pixel value analyzer and JPEG compression algorithm analyzer. Last one is not entire implemented and at the moment only shows how JPEG works to quantization step. It's worth to check it out.


  • Release Date: 2008
  • IDE: Borland C++ Builder
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