qMachines is a simple application that presents work of electrical machines. Developing this application I focused on generator and engine because transformer isn't recognized by all authors as electric machinery (also don't have any moving parts that's makes it hard to animate). As stated earlier this application is only a sample, well actually it's one part of my graduation thesis that's why I didn't have much time to develop for example three phase motor nor simulate magnetic and electromagnetic field (right now is graphic model instead of real physical model).

As far as I know there isn't any education software (at least not freeware) that can teach students how electrical machines works. At the moment this application is more like additional material that can help to visualize how everything works then actually teach someone something. In the future, I intend to upgrade the software and develop more student friendly version (with more math and technical information).

Main criterion for the program was operating system independence. That was main reason why I used Qt. 3D object was developed using 3ds Max then exported to 3ds file and imported into engine. For texturing I baked materials and imported them as png.

Currently application allow to calculate power on shaft, but in future I plan to expand it to many others useful information.



  • Release Date: May 2009
  • IDE: QtCreator, Lang: C++, API: OpenGL
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