Entry 20.V.10

Last month and a half was hard work, which resulted in the creation of, among other things, easyBackuper. Program to perform quick backups of important files. The application is available for Windows and Linux platforms (in 32 and 64 bit version).
Entry 14.III.10

Another simple game, "tic tac toe" made with AS3. Additionally available is the class "slider", AS3 class, which allows you to implement, as the name suggests, the slider.
Entry 7.II.10

New visualizations in Japanese "anime" style: Matsurika and "The Miss" added. These visualization are effect of my studies about cartoon like / 2D like style of rendering. Renders are in beta stage due to lack of free time.
Entry 2.II.10

It was some time that I updated my portfolio, mostly due to work, but using the spare time I manage to add some of my works. New project done really fast in ActionScript 3 Basketball game. Old project CR_Bypasser.
Entry 18.VIII.09

Recent model of buddha added in graphics work. Not complete work but worth to show.
Entry 10.VIII.09

Some new graphics work, model of my old JoyPad e5 and Japanese house interior.
Entry 15.VII.09

Uploaded old graphic work. RC plane model AcroMaster. qMachines program presenting work of electrical engines, build with Qt.
Entry 19.VII.09

Uploaded old work in BCB. It's image manipulation program with steganography "support".
Entry 14.VII.09

Some additional customization to a web page code and now page fully W3C validated.

Valid XHTML 1.1

Poprawny CSS!

Entry 10.VII.09

Portfolio finally uploaded on a server. It took me some time to create this portfolio, definitely more then I expected. Don't want to complain here, but customizing for IE full support was a nightmare. After that some problem arise with mod_rewrite on a host... But right now everything works and hopefully that way stays.
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